Equipment Specs

FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR Veterinary Thermal Imaging Cameras

Del Mar IR Equine Imaging uses the FLIR E60bx infrared imager.

FLIR cameras have many advantages over other industrial type and medical grade cameras, and are well suited for animal and equine thermography, these include:

  • As they are so small and quiet, the cameras are very well tolerated by animals, reducing stress levels.
  • FLIR cameras can operate in a wide temperature range (-15 to +50 °C) unlike some systems purely developed and tested for use within a hospital clinical setting.
  • FLIR cameras are accurate, detecting temperature changes of less than 0.05°C, far more than the 0.3°C necessary for identifying thermal asymmetry overlying significant pathology.

FLIR Veterinary Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera - Animal and Equine Thermography Camera - Warranty • The units are completely portable, battery powered, and have no trailing wires, stands or a need to be attached to a laptop to work. This makes them ideal for use in the veterinary field where you don't want your valuable equipment (or animals) to be damaged, and you may need to move out of the way of an unpredictable animal quickly.

  • Features such as swivel lenses make it easier to take images of those hard to reach places such as a horse's back.
  • They are perfect for working in all weather in the United States, indoors and outdoors.
  • Initially developed for industrial applications, the cameras are rugged, and can withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of an outdoor environment, lasting for many years of service.
  • FLIR cameras are fitted with optics manufactured to a high accuracy standard and give in excess of 98% transmission.

Specifications of the EquiPulse and Delta Pulse PEMF Systems

Equipulse EquipmentEach device generates frequencies between 1 Hz and 50 Hz, with 1 Hz being at the highest intensity and 50 Hz at the lowest intensity. The waveform is essentially a square wave, with a very short rise time in microseconds and a very narrow peak, with a less rapidly decaying descent, although still in micro to milliseconds. At the peak of the pulse, for an extremely short duration (like a star burst seen with fireworks) there are a wide spectrum of frequencies from a few Hz to thousands of Hz.

The full spectrum of frequencies are useful in generating the physical responses of healing and physiologic adaptation expected for PEMF health benefits.

The maximum field intensities are:

  • 1.92 Teslas / 19,200 Gauss: Delta Pulse Clinic / Delta Pulse Portable / EquiPulse.
  • 1.72 Teslas / 17,000 Gauss: Magnus Compact Portable
  • Voltage: 120 VAC 2 amp • 240 VAC 1 amp

All featured devices are magnetic pulse generators. FDA Registration in the USA is applied for, but not yet granted. Our devices are currently in use everyday in the USA, Mexico, Australia, France and Brazil. Devices for human use are not yet for sale in Canada.